Hello. I'm Lina.


I like to tell stories...


and solve problems using data.

I’ve worked in digital marketing & advertising for 10+ years—in diverse roles including agency media strategy, client-side B2C marketing, and B2B adtech strategy & analytics consulting.

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What I do:

→ I help brands put their data to work … to acquire new customers and delight existing customers.

→ I help brands navigate the digital marketing ecosystem … to forge the most efficient & effective technology partnerships for their unique business objectives.

→ I help brands solve their business problems with marketing analytics.

→ I translate technical and esoteric concepts into simple, straightforward stories.

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Why I love what I do:

→ I’m fascinated with the unique ability of digital marketing to enable both unlimited creativity and unparalleled measurability.

→ I’m intrigued by the power of data to birth insights that feed both big ideas and continual incremental improvement.

→ The digital marketing ecosystem is ever-changing and constantly innovating. And that's exciting.

How I got to do what I love:

I began my career working in digital media at agencies (back when the distinction between “digital media” and “traditional media” was still commonplace). I then moved to “client-side” B2C marketing—in organizations ranging from a large corporation in financial services to a tiny startup in wearable tech. My responsibilities spanned Media Strategy (overseeing investments in the tens-of-millions) to soup-to-nuts Digital Marketing on a shoestring budget (where Website Optimization, SEO, and Social were my day-to-day).

In 2013, I moved to the Bay Area and into Ad Tech. At BlueKai (a DMP since acquired by Oracle) I helped enterprise marketers plan and execute their data strategies and implement an integrated ad tech stack. At DataXu (a leading DSP) I helped executives put their data to work—by developing programmatic strategy and analyses to test, learn, and optimize. Along the way, I completed post-graduate studies in Predictive Analytics.

In 2015, I moved into product marketing. I now leverage my diverse experience in marketing strategy, technology, and analytics to help develop and execute go-to-market strategy for adtech products. These include:
→ Neustar’s DMP, Market Analytics & Segmentation, Data Onboarding, and Website Personalization solutions
→ Factual's mobile advertising solutions, which offer custom location based audiences and geofencing, powered by the best location data available.

my skills visualiation

my skills visualiation